Quick Release Spring Bars

Quick Release Spring Bars

Watches are an accessory and also an integral part of our daily life. It has an important role both functionally and mentally. In addition to helping people measure time, manage time, it also serves as an accessory to help us stand out as well as position our personal style. And to make that even more perfect, choosing the strap model for the watch is also quite important. Each leather material (such as crocodile skin, cowhide, suede, iguan, ostrich ,…) each color (from simple colors such as black, brown to outstanding colors such as orange, green, purple ,… ) will suit different styles.

Quick Release Spring Bars hoa sa

So, the question is, how can you conveniently change different strap patterns for your watch?

Realizing the customer’s problem, Hoa Sa has a solution for you.

Quick Release Spring Bars

Quick Release Spring Bars leather strap




Quick Release Spring Bars leather straps handmade


Quick Release Spring Bars watch strap

Quick Release Spring Bars are latches that make it easier for you to change wires without tools or going to the salon.

Advantages: Easy to remove – Can be removed by hand, no need to remove the strap like traditional watch latches.

Currently, Hoa Sa is available in a full range of popular sizes: 16mm – 18mm – 19mm – 20mm – 21mm – 22mm – 23mm – 24mm

– Set of 2 trees for 2 ends of the line

Instructions on how to change wires with smart latches.
Step 1: Prepare a new set of wiring with available smart watch
Step 2: Remove the old band from the watch, clean the watch face again
( can refer to the velvet sheepskin towel model dedicated to wiping glass surfaces of Hoa Sa. )
Step 3: Replace the new leather strap
​Disassembling wires with smart watch is quite simple and fast. In addition, it can also help you use your watch model with many different styles to suit each situation, each event you attend.
Please contact us for advice on suitable watch leather straps with smart latches to easily change with many different styles.

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