With passion for handmade products, respect for artisans, and  desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world, we are here to connect bespoke local handcrafted brands and deliver their handiworks to customers all over the world.


We have been selling our products in our local stores for a long time. At end of 2019, we started offering our products online through many online shopping platforms and the story of handmade leather is continuing in a new chapter. Realizing the priceless value of handmade leather products, we decided to gathering, to create a community offering customers various choices of various types of products in which every item has its own uniqueness and handmade by skilled and accredited artisans.



handmade watch strap

With such offering, we want to give out something that arty but natural, classic but still sophisticated and not out-fashioned. We want our customers to feel pleased when using our products and willing to trust and choose us for their next time online shopping.

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