Our leather for watch straps

Our Leather for watch straps

There are many different leather materials on the market today, so we know that it will be difficult to choose which leather will suit each individual’s use in order to bring their own style. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the different leather types and which leather type suits your needs.


If you are looking to upgrade your watch, the Alligator leather strap will be a perfect choice. Alligator leather has a unique and luxurious appearance, accented by its characteristic and natural embossed veins. Additionally, Alligator leather is known for its high durability, making it a popular choice for making watches and other high-end leather products. It is quite soft but still strong enough to withstand daily abrasion and can last a long time.

Alligator leather comes in quite a variety of colors, from natural tones such as brown and black to blended tones and even colorful colors. To maintain the durability and beauty of Alligator leather, regular maintenance is important. This may include cleaning dirt and lubricating the leather periodically to keep it soft and resistant to deterioration.

Alligator leather is often used for luxury and classic watch models, especially the Dress Watch

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Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan is produced from the leather of a horse’s thigh, mainly from a number of carefully selected horses. The manufacturing process involves exfoliating leather cells and special processing to create soft and shiny leather. Shell cordovan leather has a naturally smooth and glossy surface, characterized by the absence of leather veins like other leather types. Instead, it has a unique and luxurious beauty from its soft material and natural color.

Shell Cordovan leather has good water resistance and is less prone to wrinkles than many other leather types, making it a long-lasting choice for premium leather products. Its softness and shine combined with natural beauty create a unique and elegant style.

To preserve cordovan shell leather, special care should be taken with the use of specialized leather care products and ensure that the leather is always moisturized and properly stored to maintain its shine and durability.


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Bovine leather is a type of leather that is obtained from the leather of a cow, a species of cattle common throughout the world. It is selected from parts of the cow such as back leather and tenderloin leather to ensure the highest quality. Cowhide is characterized by strength, durability and moderate thickness. Cowhide has a smooth and uniform surface, often with beautiful natural leather veins. The color of cowhide usually varies from light brown to dark brown and can be processed to produce different colors according to product requirements.

Cowhide leather has good wear resistance. It can withstand daily use without scratches or rapid damage, making it a long-lasting choice for watches.

Cowhide brings a traditional and classic beauty to the watch. Its variety of colors and patterns along with its strong and luxurious look create a traditional and elegant style. The cowhide material will be suitable for sports watches and everyday watches.


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Epsom leather is made from high-quality cowhide, which is then treated with a special method to create a surface with an artificial leather texture, this leather vein is usually designed to create a roughness, has a natural shine, creating a luxurious and unique appearance,  Create personal style and sophistication.

Epsom leather is often prized for its durability and durability. It is abrasion resistant and withstands daily use without scratches or wrinkles quickly. This is a leather model that will suit a watch with an elegant and modern style.

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Suede is made from the outer part of animal leather, usually cowhide or goat leather. It has a smooth and soft surface, with a natural leather fiber structure that creates a soft and comfortable feeling in contact with the leather.

Suede has a light and matte rough surface, which creates a characteristic beauty and luxury. Its softness and smoothness create a comfortable and warm look and feel.

Although suede is not the most water-resistant leather, it is still quite durable. It is important to properly care for and store watches made from suede to avoid problems such as discoloration or wrinkles.

Suede has a matte appearance and high quality. It is often used for vintage or retro models, creating a warm and unique look. To preserve watches made from suede, it is necessary to care for and clean the leather at regular intervals using a leather brush or soft cloth. Avoid contact with water and liquids to avoid damaging the leather and keep it soft and beautiful.


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Ostrich leather 

Ostrich leather is obtained from the leather of the ostrich, a type of bird that lives in desert regions and arid grasslands. Ostrich leather is characterized by having long and soft hairs, creating a characteristic surface with intertwined hairs. The color of ostrich leather can be rich from dark brown to light cream shades, creating a natural beauty and luxury. Ostrich leather is durable and has good water resistance. This makes it a popular choice for watches and other leather products, especially in environments with harsh climates.

The uniqueness and special leather vein effect of ostrich leather creates a personal and luxurious style for the watch. Ostrich leather has a special and rough surface, which creates a unique and stylish appearance. They are often used for models with a dusty style and personality. Its naturalness and class make it popular among the elite and fashion lovers.

To preserve watches made from ostrich leather, it is necessary to care for and clean the watch at regular intervals using a leather brush or soft cloth. Avoid contact with water and liquids to keep the leather soft and beautiful.


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Lizard leather

Lizard leather is usually very durable and resistant to abrasion and shock, making it a popular choice for watch straps. The surface of the leather usually feels cool and smooth when it comes into contact with the leather.

Lizard leather usually comes in a variety of colors from black to brown, with characteristic embossed veins that create a natural and unique beauty for watch straps. Each Lizard leather model has its own unique embossed pattern, making each product unique and like no other.

Lizard leather is often used for watch bands that have a personal and unique style. With a natural and distinctive look, watch straps from Lizards leather are often the choice of those who want to accentuate their watches.

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