1. How long will it take for shipping to my address

The shipping time may be varies depends on your shipping address. For shipping address out of Vietnam, it should be 2 weeks from purchasing date.

There will be some unexpected cases that can cause your order to be delivered longer than expected time above. We will inform you in case delivery has issue that cause the late

2. Where is my package

You can easily track your order status as after the package is sent, we will send the tracking number to the customer

3. How about our shipping cost

– The shipping cost will depend on your shipping address. Free shipping for bill over $150.00

4. What if I receive low quality product

All our products before sending out have been checked and go through quality control. If you found your products has low quality, please contact us at to enquire for exchange or return

5. I want to return and exchange my product

Please contact us at to enquire for exchange or return. The policy will apply on faults belonging to production. However, all of the accuring expenses will be paid by customers.

6. Which payment method can I use

You can purchase using Paypal or Weston Union via Techcombank of Vietnam

7. I want to cancel my order

If you want to cancel your order, please do it within 12 hours after purchasing. We normally sending your order to production after 12 hours from purchasing time, so please make sure you request for cancelling within 12 hours by sending cancel request to

8. How i can contact you for support

You can contact us by

– Emailing us:

– WhatsApp message: (+84) 91 5555 932 (Mr. Ha Loi)  |  (+84) 98 8980 894 (Ms. Ha Anh)

9. What are the options for shipping

We are currently offering standard shipping and express shipping. The price between the two options are different, please pay attention to it before purchasing

10. Do I have to pay tax

For most of the orders, you will not have to pay tax as the value of the product will be adjusted in the process of sending to foreign countries. Please contact us for further information.