Blue alligator leather watch strap. Good Choice!

Blue alligator leather watch strap. Summer vibe!

With the summer theme on this set of leather straps, we chose blue alligator leather. The position of the leather used to make leather watch straps is very suitable at the jaw. The texture is very beautiful in a natural way.


Choose the correct location to achieve high aesthetics.

The patterns of the two ropes are even and symmetrical.
Blue alligator leather watch strap21
Choosing sewing thread with a color one tone brighter brings a youthful visual effect. We use a completely manual manufacturing method, so any adjustment the customer wants can be best met. Sewing thread color is also one of the customizations that Hoa Sa customers often suggest.



To complete a set of custom leather watch straps, artisans spend dozens of hours crafting.




Matte Ocean Blue Alligator Signature Strap123456


Matte Ocean Blue Alligator Signature Strap1234


Matte Ocean Blue Alligator Signature Strap123


Matte Ocean Blue Alligator Signature Strap12345

Matte Ocean Blue Alligator Signature Strap11234567890

If you have an interesting idea about a set of leather watch straps that suit your personal preferences. Don’t hesitate to share with us, Hoa Sa is ready to help you make it a reality.

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