What is togo leather?

What is togo leather?

Togo leather, also known as lumpy calf leather, is one of the most common leathers used on Hermes bags. This material is not easily scratched and can be recycled almost new. ​The fine-grained texture of Togo leather is not only eye-catching but also contributes to its resilience. It resists scratches well to help maintain the beauty and long-term integrity of the product, even when used regularly. Togo leather is also very resistant to staining and mild water resistance. However, the skin should not be exposed to water or moisture for long periods of time or often. Despite its toughness, Togo skin is very soft to the touch, providing a pleasant tactile experience.

Togo leather from distributor of high-quality leather 3Q Leather 

Why you should choose Togolese leather

  1. Firstly, the quality and durability of Togolese leather:
    ​Togo leather, crafted from calf skin, is prized for its combination of durability and aesthetics. This smooth leather is renowned for its resilience, scratch resistance making it a great choice for everyday items, such as handbags, wallets, and watch straps. Despite its toughness, Togo leather is very soft to the touch, providing a luxurious and pleasant feeling to hold.
  2. Secondly, create a graceful rust layer during use: ​One of the notable features of Togo leather is its age. Over time, this type of leather develops a layer of rust – the shiny layer that forms on the surface of the skin, enhancing its character and elegance. This unique aging process makes each Togo leather product a special work of art that grows together with its owner. However, this also depends on the preferences of each one. Besides those who appreciate this rust, there are also some people who just like the new bags.
  3. Third, the attractive appearance of Togolese leather:
    ​Togo also stands out for its visual appeal. Its fine granular and semi-matte finish provides a refined look that goes well with a variety of styles, from casual to formal. Its versatility makes it a popular choice of well-known luxury brands, especially Hermès.
Togo leather from distributor of high-quality leather 3Q Leather 

Summing up the above, we see that Togo leather is not only good, but has many great advantages. The combination of durability, aesthetics, pleasure to the touch and the unique aging process makes it stand out in the world of leather goods. Whether you’re investing in a handbag, wallet, watch strap, or anything made from Togo leather, you’ll get a product that combines functionality, style, and timeless charm.

What is the point to pay attention to when using Togo leather?

​Although it is a leather with beautiful durability, to be able to keep that beauty, users need to pay attention to the points when using togo material as follows:
​The first is to avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight. Because, the sun with intense heat will easily make the skin dry and crack the structures, gradually losing color as well as reducing the life of your product a lot.
​Next, it is necessary to place in a dry place, avoiding warmth, wet and water because, like other leather lines, togo leather will deteriorate quickly despite waterproofing treatment.
​When cleaning the surface of the skin, it is necessary to use specialized chemicals, not using chemicals with strong detergent properties because it is easy to make the skin surface worn and damaged lose its inherent aesthetic beauty.
​For products made from this high-quality leather, in order to bring the original beauty, besides proper preservation, you should also pay attention that when not using them, put them in plastic bags, add them to warm bags or cotton wool, it will definitely help the product become delicate and valuable over time…
Togo leather products
With the beautiful and durable properties of Togolese leather applied to produce many different product lines, below we would like to list some of the main product lines in use.
​Clutch handheld wallet: This is a handbag-type product that is popular because of its flexibility, beautiful leather that makes the bag look gorgeous and more beautiful when used.
​Handmade men’s belts: Most handmade men’s belt lines now use Epsom leather and Togo leather, the product is beautiful and durable, with bead embossing to make the product look more attractive.
​Leather straps for watches: With a beautiful veined surface, good elasticity, durability and variety of colors. Togo leather is really popular for creating watch straps.

 Togo Strap For Cartier Tank Solo. Handmade by Hoa Sa. 
Togo leather watch strap by Hoa Sa

​In Hoa sa, we provide you with products finished from high quality Togolese leather material with a variety of colors, suitable for the clothes as well as personal styles of customers such as wallets, belts, watch straps,…. In addition to the products available at the store, we accept individual orders of products according to the required form and are always ready to advise on styles, materials, colors that suit each person’s personality. Please contact us for advice if you are a fan of handmade leather products, especially those finished from Togo leather.

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