What is Epi leather? Why is Epi leather so interested in the material market?

What is Epi leather? Why is Epi leather so interested in the material market?

​Epi leather is a high-quality leather material that is one of the most expensive in the world, currently this leather line is favored by many famous fashion brands at home and abroad with its soft properties, good elasticity, beautiful surface and high durability. This material is created from calf leather with herbal tanning technique, so it has a pleasant aroma, does not cause irritation or harm during use, and brings elegance, elegance and class to fashion accessories.




What is the origin of Epi leather?
​Epi skin is divided into 2 groups by Louis Vuitton, launched and developed in different eras.

  1. Classic EPI Leather – Louis Vuitton Classic EPI Leather
    ​This material was known in 1985, has a new and unique pattern, so it is very well received by fashionistas.
    ​Specifically, long and short toothpicks alternating with each other running across the surface of the skin help create a creative and disruptive beauty.
    ​Fashionistas prefer this leather material not only because of its special design features but also the unique color created from juice along with different paint technology.
    ​According to information shared from LV, before staining, artisans will carry out the process of coating the skin with juice and grass materials. The Special Coloring Technology then stains the upper layer of skin, resulting in an unmistakable color.
  2. New EPI Leather – Louis Vuitton EPI Electric Leather
    ​Born later, Louis Vuitton EPI Electric Leather has relatively many more outstanding and notable features. Specifically, the toothpick ridges are larger and more prominent, which are intertwined extremely clearly.
    ​At the same time, the new EPI leather product has impressive shine, good light catching ability, when used in the evening, at night will become full of luxury and attractiveness.
    ​Another feature that cannot be ignored is high scratch resistance, easy to clean thanks to large ridges.
Why we should choose Epi leather? ​It is no coincidence that the Epi leather line is popular everywhere, more especially applied by Louis Vuitton high-end fashion brand in most products. It is thanks to the outstanding features only found in this type of material such as:
Why we should choose Epi leather?
​High durability, waterproof, good scratch resistance
​Epi leather is manufactured from premium calf leather pieces, carefully selected, then applying very elaborate and meticulous herbal techniques to give birth to a high-quality leather line, capable of withstanding harsh conditions while maintaining stability, beauty as original. In addition, before finishing, Epi leather is also coated with a specialized paint to make the surface glossy, good scratch resistance and high water resistance. Only with this optimal property has made this material popular with manufacturers as well as many consumers.


High aesthetics, safe for users
​Although the Epi tanning method is made entirely from natural herbal ingredients, it stil. High aesthetics, safe for users ​Although the Epi tanning method is made entirely from natural herbal ingredients, it still gives the product high aesthetics, glossy leather base, good elasticity, diverse colors and durability, so it is popular with many consumers. Also because no chemicals are used in the production process, this leather line is considered safe for users, completely does not cause irritation when contacted, and also easily decomposes in the natural environment to help protect the living environment. With its safety properties and proximity to nature, this leather line has a top position among other genuine leather materials.

Easy to clean ​Epi leather is coated with a specialized paint on the surface with beautiful natural color ingredients that not only help the leather base to be shinier but also create a protective film to help prevent water penetration, stains do not penetrate deep inside the skin, so it is easy to clean as well as limit stubborn dirt to lose aesthetics American of this type of material.
Advantages of Epi Leather ​Fashionistas are not only heartbroken by the amazing exclusive design of Epi skins, but also love them because they are derived from herbal extracts and then treated by unique painting techniques. ​However, the design is still not the only thing that makes people look up, but rather because Epi leather is also completely waterproof and scratch-resistant (although we should still keep them away from sharp objects that can easily cause scratches). ​This leather line has a lot of colors to choose from and every color looks eye-catching. They also possess softness, fine grain and high durability, ensuring the skin has firmness, keeping the product in good shape. ​Since Epi is crafted from calf skin (cows under 3 years old), the skin will be very beautiful and have no skin scars.
How to store EPI cow skin care
​Similar to other leather materials, EPI leather needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to always remain as durable as new.
​Specifically, the product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from dirt and low humidity. If the environment is closed, high humidity will cause the skin to be affected, easy to appear mold.
​When using cleansers or skincare, try with a small area of skin before applying it to the entire product to ensure no negative reactions to the material occur.
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