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The development of the 21st century is marked by the innovation of technology and the fast-moving lifestyle that keeps everything simple. Technology is spreading in many aspects of our life and its utilities are undeniable. One of the conveniences that can be mentioned is cashless or one-touch payment, which allows people to use credit-card or mobile apps to pay instead of having a lot of cash in their pocket. This trend is becoming more and more popular among young people – who are more prefer the minimalism lifestyle and a Card-holder soon becomes an icon for it when you can store all your small essentials in one.


Minimalism – back to basic, keeping everything in simplicity but remaining exquisite, appeared first time after the WW2 through artworks of Mark Rothko – an American – Jewish artist then affected all kinds of art and become a lifestyle in the late 20th century. Minimalism pursues people to intentionally live with the things they truly need and remove excess possessions, to ‘find freedom from modern mania and duplicity’ – said by Joshua Becker sharing on Becoming minimalist.  

Living in big and modern cities, a cardholder should be one of your “must-have” items in your closet. It allows you to carry only what’s important instead of bulky items in a traditional wallet. A cardholder may be small but still allows you to keep your ID, business card, credit card, cash, and driver’s license, and can fit in both pockets. They are practically designed to ensure the cards remained intact and protected between layers and help you to quickly find the needed item at the moment. 

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Nowadays, cardholders can be made from various materials but leather is the most popular of all as it creates a classy and sophisticated look for users. With quality leather, you will have less worry about its wear and tear and durability. At Hoa Sa, we also have other products in collections to help you mix and match. 


Card-holder at Hoa Sa is 100% made from bespoke vegetable imported leather from Italy, by skillful Vietnamese Artisans. Our artisans put their passion and love in every stitch of the product to make sure customers will satisfy with its quality while using daily.

For minimalists, owning only things that add value to their life and having your view of why you own them is a must. By owning a personalized card holder, one does have a pleasant eye for style, and aesthetics and understands the intrinsic value of craftsmanship.

The final verdict is solely depending on the individual himself. This fashion icon on hand might helps with your decision-making process on what to bring along for the day. Let’s have yourself one and we Hoa Sa would be glad to support you to tailor your preferences.

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