About us

Established in 2016 in Vietnam, Hoa Sa proud to be a Local Leather Handcrafted Brand to offer our customers finest products with affordable prices, bring Vietnamese handmade products to show our culture, our talented artisans, our heritage value to the world. 

The Meticulosity

At Hoa Sa, all of our products are handcrafted from every stitch by Vietnamese skillful artisans. Leather is vegetable tanned and imported from Italy with European CO, CQ. It usually takes us about 5 days to 6 weeks to completely finish on a certain product, with such a long time, every stitch, buckle, and accessories are all carefully taken care of, and all edges are treated meticulously to make sure the perfection of the final product.

The Selection

Not only choosing carefully with leather pad that fits the most with the items, but every accessory also that go along with the products must be pick out and test times to times before deciding to use for finals. Each component of our handmade briefcase is researched and tested in-house before being used, Hoa Sa craftsmen decide to use Riri – a “Rolls Royce” of zipper in the market, the limited ordered buckle with “Hoa Sa” logo, the Erdal and Saphir schuhcreme / Creme Surfine.

From A Craftsman to An Artist 

Graduated in Major of Design from a local University, but soon found out the passion in handcrafted technique, with patience and meticulosity, Cao Quynh decided to follow his appetency, to form Hoa Sa offering handcrafted products from vegetable tanned leather – a bespoke material that were quite new to Vietnam’s market, they were made with full of passion and care from every stitch and cut. He chases his belief in the true long-lasting value in every product that he and his partners made, that they will have their own personality that standing not only at present but also in the future. 

Interest to Passion

To call himself an “amateur”, Ha Loi was a former accountant with interest in the old watches, especially in wristwatches. But he soon realized that it was more than just an interest, he found every part of the watch is delicate and it couldn’t stop him from discovering and learning more about the magnificent in what he called – The creation of time. Leaving the accounting position with stable income, he used all his passion to form Hoa Sa and for now, it was over 6 years in love with wristwatches, he understands the differences and characteristics of the watches and use what he has to go along with his customers to design and make the most competent outfit for every wristwatch. 

Desire and Proud

Having chance to work with many global luxury brands, Pham Trung has years of experience in evaluating and understanding such bespoke products. Seeing that Vietnamese artisans can totally reach such quality standard, the patriotic blood running in the veins, he was anxious to show the world that Vietnam can also offer to the world such marvelous items, to make more people in the world to see the true value of luxury goods that it came from the quality of the material, rather than from just the name of the goods. With desire and proud, together with the two partners, he has been delivering Hoa Sa to over 30 foreign countries in the world. 

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