Handmade Leather for Gentlemen.

Style, charm, elegance do not only come from the clothes that you wear but come the combination of your inside out – the outfits and the confidence.


Fashion is not just for woman. Throughout history, even fashion for men haven’t made many of remarkably changes, gentlemen still marked their own cachets with astonishing milestones, which could relate as the very first sign in Ancient Egypt to use knee-length tunics and kilts, bracelets and armlets for upper-class of society, or the English creation of Frock Coat in 1730s, or the popularity of the Tailcoat in 1800s, the jazz age when America became the center of the fashion world with the beginning of trad style, etc.


Trends come and go but the classics remain and rarely change. Youth of men in their twenties is the time when they begin dressing and grooming their outlooks, carefully choosing outfits and accessories so those are all able to show their own charming and uniqueness. They would try some looks, shoot for different styles, until they find out which suits them the most to show who they are.
There isn’t any other accessory that inspired such devotion and interest rather than watches, especially for men. Not to mention limited models of watches, brands may produce a number of similar cases for each model. But to own a typical case doesn’t mean you cannot be unique, handpicking a new watch strap can differentiate your watches from others.


The styles of individual, living environment and watches case are some of which should be taken into consideration and hereby, Hoa Sa will share some opinions to give customers a hand choosing a suitable product.

White-collars can think about having leather watchstraps as their working environment normally is in the office or indoors. Cowhide including the Dakota, Epsom or Togo leathers, which also used for high-end bags of popular brands, with many choices of colors would be suitable for people who have strong, sociable characteristics.


In case you often go out meeting with customers, having conferences, then a watchstrap made of alligator/crocodile or Shell Cordovan will be a proper choice. With basic colors like navy blue, black and brown, they create feelings of classy, noble but still exquisite, especially Shell Cordovan leather has a well-founded ability of water proof as having the smooth surface with small pores, avoid the feeling of stuffy at the wrist in the summer.


But if you are an adventurous, enjoy wandering and discovering new places, why don’t think of a rubber or stainless metal or nylon watchstrap? You don’t have to worry once it gets dirty along the way or need to cover it up once raining, these materials allow you to wash your straps by water, instead of leather only able to clean by soft cloth. Rubber and nylon watchstraps also have many colors and patterns for you to choose, so as the metal, or recently we have the mesh, with various type of links such as oyster, president, engineer fitting different styles.



Or in Eastern culture, where people believe in the importance of ‘Feng Shui’, all are born from the five elements, each element has its own representative color, choosing this or the mutual color with individual’s element can create harmony, balance, and prosperity for users.

People of Metal can use white, beige, silver which are their colors, or chose the mutual of brown, orange. Meanwhile, the Wood’s colors are blue, green and they’re also compatible with navy blue or black. Water represented by dark blue, black, and conformable to white and silver of the Metal as Metal carries Water. Red symbolizes the Fire and Wood fuels Fire, therefore, blue, or green can also be options for users to consider while choosing a watchstrap. And the color of the Earth is yellow brown and orange, so beside these two, as Fire forms Earth, red, pink or purple would be suitable for users as well.


At Hoa Sa, besides having available products at store and ready to ship worldwide, we provide customers choice to customize their own watchstrap, from selecting type of leather, picking their favorite color, to adjusting the size of the strap so it will be perfectly fit for your wrist and your watches. Find more in Hoa Sa Instagram and do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp+ or our Email to get free meticulous support and advice to have an unique watchstrap for a seamless watches.

Conscientiousness to small features embraces future grand achievements, attention to every item of the outfit commences men to write their own story and claim their own chivalry.

Ha Anh Hoang

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