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Handmade Leather Briefcases, from the Messenger, Carryall, Satchels with straps to a simple Tote, are becoming more popular to mainstream public as well as an essential goods in a man’s closet.


The term “Briefcase” used to have ties with women’s fashion, so it would be laughable for men to own briefcases as it made him more feminine and gender discriminated in modern days. But such briefcases and handbags appeared in the 19th century and accompanied with men throughout history. Dr. Lucia Savi – a curator at Victoria & Albert claimed that the term “briefcase” was not meant for women but applied for men’s travel briefcases. These along with handbags, baggage, backpacks were initially used by military soldiers to carry items when marching, or labors carrying their working tools.

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Over time, with the materials being carefully sorted, sewing being polished, briefcases and bags quickly catch the eyes of gentlemen in higher society and become a symbol of men’s fashion.

In the famous 1999 series “Friends”, episode named “The One with Joey’s Bag”, when Joey Tribbinai (played by Matt LeBlanc) entered the coffee shop with a briefcase on his shoulder, Chandler and Ross joked with him “Wow! You look just like your son Mrs. Tribbiani!” and assuming he is putting “Your make-up!” in his shoulder bags.

But in Blooming Dales –  a famous fashion brand in the USA, Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) advised Joey when choosing a handbag :”No Joey, look. Trust me, all the men are wearing them in the spring catalog.” and he couldn’t deny the convenience that it brought and reacted as “It’s weird that female’s briefcase actually fitted me, a man”.

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(Friends – The One with Joey’s Bag)


The classic Messenger briefcase first appeared in 1950s and were used by messenger and factory line workers due to it’s spacious area inside. Until the late 80s, John Peters, American designer and founder of Manhattan Portage and John Peters New York, was a pioneer in technical design for those handbags, introduced the Messenger to the business and fashion world.

Today, Messenger briefcase doesn’t change much compare to its first prototype, with long strap over the shoulder, long zip puller at the opening, 2-3 spacious compartments and several small hanging pockets to arrange items properly.

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Classic often attaches to the luxurious fantasy but lack of pragmatic. However, Carryall office bag delivers great uses to owners. Carryall briefcase, made by Hoa Sa, can fit at least a laptop, several stationary items and personal items like wallet, cellphone, keys. The handbag makes you feel like it carries your “world” to the workplace, without creating any crease and wrinkle to your outfit.

Different swatch materials were selected to manufacture a briefcase. Canvas, Nylon used to increase waterproof quality, Mixed Cotton used to make a simple but energetic bag for the youth,… But Leather material quickly become favorable because of the classic, luxury, and nostalgic status that imprinted in the briefcase.




No need to wear a suit, a casual outfit down the street can still complement the beauty of Tote handbag. Tote bag are increasingly favored by youths for it’s simplicity and easy to mix and match with different outfits, whether they are uniforms, or everyday wear. From classic, vintage to dynamic, bohemian style approach, you will find harmony through your Tote bag briefcase.

While Tote handbags made of Canvas attract teen in their 20s with meaningful quotes, colorful and creative images, the briefcases made of Leather, when mixing with street-style outfits, give men perception of mature, thoughtful and bohemian individual.

In 21st century as we often go around carrying small items like keys, earphone, glass, wallet, a briefcase becomes a necessity for man to wear. With simple and nifty design, Tote handbag is expected to become a new symbol for men’s fashion.

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At Hoa Sa, all available products are handwork from finest craftsmanship in Vietnam. We use “Vegetable Tanned” method, imported 100% from Italy and Europe with full CQ, CO, to condition the Leather material.

A hand-made leather briefcase from Hoa Sa takes around 4-6 weeks to finish, with every stitches, zip pullers, accessories, seams and threads meticulously selected and processed to create the most complete briefcase with the best quality for customers.

Each components of our handmade briefcase is researched and tested in-house before being used. For our zipper, Hoa Sa craftsmen decide to use Riri – a “Rolls Royce” of zipper in the market. Riri Zippers was founded in 1936 in Italy and is one of the pioneers in the invention of zipper casting. Riki pursues unique and authentic value, every detail designed to stand out and differentiate in the marketplace. This makes Riri famous and makes Riri the first choice for high-end designers for global luxury brands , including Maison Martin Margiela & Elliott, Prada, Dolce & Gabana, Gucci,…

Leather Briefcase

Hoa Sa chooses Riri because it is consistent with the brand’s “motto” towards the sustainability and longevity of the briefcase product, suitable for high-grade imported leather materials, affirming the premium quality of Vietnamese artisan hands, ensuring meticulous attention to details and worth the value that customers put  in Hoa Sa.

Leather Briefcase


Hoa Sa’s handmade leather briefcases are made from premium materials, with long usage period will soften the leather. Customers only need to understand the fundamental of leather products to maintain its durability. Please do not dry clean or machine wash Hoa Sa’s briefcase, only apply cloths with specialized cleaning products for leather to wipe off stains. .

For any specific enquiries and warranty service, please contact Hoa Sa via:

  • Email hoasa.strap@gmail.com
  • Phone number:
    • (+84) 915 555 932 (Mr. Ha Loi)
    • (+84) 988 980 894 (Ms. Ha Anh)
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