Leather Watch Strap can create a new look for your Tech-buddy!

Smartwatches have become a lot more popular in recent years with numerous benefits brought to their users. They don’t just tell the time only like the traditional watches, but they are called by the SmartGeekWrist as:

A travel buddy right on your wrist’

 or James L. McQuivey from Forrester Research described a smartwatch as:

‘Someone who knows more about what you need than you do.’

Normally, smartwatches, especially Apple Watch, have band or strap made of rubber or silicone, which are comfortable, lightweight with durable construction and various color choices. However, not everyone is able to use the original strap, as some might have the disease of latex irritation or allergy from Apple watch original band, the symptom of the irritation may include itchy and hives, skin rash, or even anapylaxis. But don’t worry about your allergy as you can avoid it by changing a new band for your Apple Watch, a stainless steel or leather also creates compatibility, a mix and match between mordern technology of the new generation with the classics.

handmade leather watch strap for Apple watcha


Most Apple Watch cases’ colors are quite easy for users to choose suitable band.

With Space Black or Graphite, a colorful band won’t be weird but to make your case become more noticeable. Do not hesitate to pick a fashionable cowhide leather watchstrap including the high-end Togo or Epsom leather with various choices of bright colors.


Or with bright cases like Silver, Gold, Starlight or Titanium, a dark band would make a good choice – classic black, brown or navy can be potential candidates. With these pallets, cowhide leather would make a young and sporty style, while Alligator and Shell Cordovan show a mature, rational look.


Apple Watch screens usually come with two sizes of 38mm and 42mm, you can determine it by opening Watch -> My Watch on your Apple Watch and look for the number with the unit of ‘mm’ on the screen showing the case’s size.

With Apple’s band, all you need is a new band with different style or color. But for strap from other brands, you might need to prepare the adapter for Apple Watch’s brand, at Hoa Sa, the price for a pair of buckles is $15.00


It’s not complex to change the Apple Watch band, you can totally remove the rubber band and change the new one by yourself at home. Hereby, Hoa Sa will help you to do it step by step.

You will need a clean surface, a micro-fiber cloth or soft mat on a desktop, some cotton bud, gentle cleaning liquid, push pins and buckle fit with the strap and the spring bar tool, and of course you will need a new band/strap for your ‘buddy’.



Place the Apple Watch face down over the clean cloth or soft mat that you prepared.

If your Apple Watch has the Link Braclet, press the release button on the link to separate the band into two pieces.

The band release button is oval-shapped and on the back of the Apple Watch, right at the place where the band connects to the watch.

Press and hold down the band release button at the same time, then slide it across to remove the bracelet. Do the same for the other sides of the band.


Use soft cloth and gently clean the face watch, you can use the baby cotton bud to clean the part where we insert the band

Notice not to use products that contain alcohol as it might damage the plastic, fresh water or glass-cleaning are some that recommended to use.


The push pins are used to link the strap with the buckle and the adapter. Use the spring bar tool to insert the push pins to connect to other parts.

Place the V-shapped of the spring bar tool to the tip of the push pin, press it down and push it to the lug holes on the adapter and the buckles. You will need to estimate and visualize the position of the lug holes as when inserting the push pins, it won’t be visible to you.


Slice the new band into the watch case like the original band was placed until you feel and hear a ‘click’ sound. Remember that the short end of the band with buckle is attached to the top 12 o’clock side of the watch case, while the long end without buckle is attached to the bottom 6 o’clock side.

Clean the case, band and buckle with a soft cloth again.

Who says that the classic old-fashioned? Fashion allows anyone to mix and match and create their own style. Let’s make your popular tech-watch become unique by getting it a new outfit and we Hoa Sa would be glad to support you to pick out and make your Apple Watch more fashionable.

Ha Anh Hoang

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