3 Must-try Watch Strap for Your DW

Three types of watch straps you should try on your Daniel wellington

If you are owning a trendy DW but still on the way finding a matching watch strap for it, let’s take a look at the three most popular that can fit your DW with Hoa Sa!

Daniel Wellington – an emerging brand which gruadually becoming popular in the wristwatch’s market, especially for the young generation, who have interested in watch, desire to own one but haven’t willing to spend much on such hobby. The brand is named after an English gentleman, who inspired Filip Tysander to form the world’s fastest growing fashion brand in the market of the watch accessory – Daniel Wellington, the success of DW has been associated with the Displacementism of the new generation, classic designs combined with nato strap.

Daniel Wellington has sold more than 6 million watches since having found in 2011, based on the strategy of focusing solely on digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and making influence on social networks through KOL to reach targeted customers. Daniel Welling can be considered as a young Swede man emerging in a world with many Swiss gentleman – new, youthful, dynamic but immature. However, with their popularity spreading rapidly, DW is having their loyal customer community crowded more and more, they are now knowing not only how to attract the young but also how to keep them stay with the brand. For those who are proud to be the owner of a DW watch and a fan of DW brand, Hoa Sa would like to suggest you some suitable watch strap to refresh your watch with new customs.

Hoa Sa handmade Watchstrap for Daniel Wellington 2


Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion is temporary, style is forever.”

Daniel Wellington can be considered as a “chameleon”, as it can transform with different styles when mixing with different types of straps, and this an extraordinary feature of a DW that make it stands out with other brands. Perhaps the most suitable choice when going with elegant suits is none other than leather watch straps, and Hoa Sa can make you please than ever with both our stock and custom designs.

You may have seen different trends and styles of handwatch over the years. From materials such as steels, copper and precious metal, with shapes like round, square or even triangle. However, one item remains throughout time: watchstrap. It is a legendary item that you can combine with any costumes, with many fashion styles. It is not just about fashion; Daniel Wellington leather watch also brings surprising benefits.


Daniel Wellington leather watch goes along well with a luxurious suit, tie, and belt to create an unity. A shirt and shorts, a polo shirt and jeans are good options. DW leather watch will give your outfits an great edge, whether you are in a corporate ceremonial event or wandering on the beach.

The leather strap’s utility is not only about mix and match with outfits. Daniel Wellington’s strap can help change the appearance without having to spend thousands on new watches. By owning multiple leather straps, you will have options on color, texture, shape of leathers themselves.

You do not have to be rigid with traditional black aligator leather straps for important events. Instead, red and orange cowhide straps will surely fit the 2023 New Year theme. This will be a big plus for those who want to combine classic, simplicity of the watch case with the modern, youthful element of the leather strap.

Hoa Sa handmade Watchstrap for Daniel Wellington 2


Leather shoes, leather furnitures, leather jackets, whatever the products are, people have awareness about the type of leather used. Hoa Sa’s leather strap for Daniel Wellington watches guarantees highest quality, consistency over time. Although it is inevitable that some leather patches change color, but the quality of authentic leather will remain (in case of proper usage and maintain in good condition).

When mention Daniel Wellington leather strap, cowhide skins is the most used. To Hoa Sa, however, we have provided leather straps made from calf skin, ostrich skin and even Himalayan aligator skin to DW watch owners with satisfaction.


Since it is real leather, you can feel the elasticity and flexibility of the strap on your wrist. When you sign business contracts, shake hands, do heavy liftings, keyboard typing, or change the diaper, DW leather strap will move along with your wrist.

That explains why leather watch strap cannot be replaced despite the appearance of metal strap or nato strap. Also in the cold weather, leather strap will keep your wrist warmed. With its breathable detail, leather strap helps you absorb sweat better. In general, you will feel comfortable with many aspects of DW leather straps than any other line of straps.

Hoa Sa handmade watchstrap for Daniel Wellington 3


You will be surprised to know that Daniel Wellington leather strap has a moderate price in the market. Depends on the leather skin, budget and personal preference, a quality Daniel Wellington strap will be within your reach. Hoa Sa recommend you to choose a reputable brand to put your faith in.


Daniel Wellington Metal Strap often goes along well with classic DW watches with simple face. Their specific grid design differentiates Daniel Wellington with other competitors. This metal strap is designated for women for its elegance, sophistication, and high-level finish line. Through clever design, metal strap can adjust its width comfortably with owner’s wrist.

With stainless steel 316L material, which is known worldwide in the watchmaking industry, DW metal strap remains durable, harder to fade and significant corrosion resistance. Also, there is an aesthetic appeal, which make owners – often women, feel like they are wearing a bracelet that oozes class and grace.

Metal Strap for Daniel Wellington

Another advantage to mention is the extremely good water resistance. This is a product line where you can comfortably go to the rain or wash your hands without worrying about damaging the watch band. This is an extremely useful feature compared to straps like Nato or genuine leather – which are extremely hydrophobic.

In terms of durability, this is one of the Daniel Wellington watch bands with the best quality as it can withstand shocks or is not affected by sweat from the wrist like leather straps or easily damaged from outside impact like fabric straps. The connections of the strap are extremely well finished and feel very light on the wrist.

It can be said that this is one of the most suitable choices for classic DW watches.


This is the so-called legend of Daniel Wellington watch.

By choosing nato straps combined with the simplicity of the watch that has made the Daniel Wellington brand what it is today. It is also for that reason that nato fabric watch straps have been an accessory sought by young people since DW first set foot in Vietnam.

Nato watch strap for Daniel Wellington

By owning a sporty and military design, it is easy to recognize the comfort on the wrist of nato straps on Daniel Wellington watches with other lines. The second highlight is the low price and the variety of colors, that cannot be ignored when choosing nato watch bands. From simple, elegant monochromatic to youthful theme with different color schemes, nato straps have it all.

Another part is how easy it is to change the straps of Daniel Wellington watches, transforming your watch in less than a minute. And boom! From an elegant watch with a suit, you can turn them into dynamic and colorful with a set of 3-color nato straps.

Besides, Daniel Wellington pays close attention to its material, the nylon used by DW must ensure the company’s strictest standards to provide comfortable experience, without causing skin irritation and ventilation even if you wear the watch whole day. Such material that also gives a feeling of comfort when the durability is extremely high.

You can comfortably use it without fear of losing the original shape of the band like when you first bought, along with its quick-drying attribute, it will not be a problem when you suddenly encounter a rain or wash your hands and get wet, nato fabric strap will dry very quickly.


There are many reasons for you to pick your own suitable strap. Sometimes a handmade leather strap is an amazing choice among authentic Daniel Wellington straps. Let us help you find the perfect one for your watch. After all, the watch you wear will define who you are.

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