6 Must-Have Watch Accessories for A Collector

Whether you are a collector just entering the world of timeless masterpieces or a well-known collector in the watchmaking world, then the accompanying watch accessories are always necessary things that you should own. These accessories will help you keep your watch in top condition, as well as enhance your watch-wearing experience.

Hereby, Hoa Sa would like to recommend for all watch collectors some of the accessories that they should have included:

Professional Watch Tools & Kits

Watches Cleaning Kit

Automatic Watch Winder

Watch Case

Spare Watch Straps

Acoustic Measurement Device

Watch Tools & Kits

Watch Accessories - Watch Tools & Kits

Watch Tools & KitsRegular watch maintenance is very necessary throughout the time using, there will be errors or inaccuracy that you often encounter. But not with all the inaccuracy that you will need to take it to a genuine repair or maintenance store, there are small issues that may not require professional maintenance, you can completely handle at home by yourself once you have the kits in your hand.

Some common issues that you can handle at home such as opening the case back for checking, adding, or removing links on the metal bracelet to resize it or replacing the watch with watch strap, etc. With a set of all-in-one watch accessories, essential tools are available such as: screws, tweezers, case opener, pushpin, pliers, spring bar tools; Dealing with such small issues at home is easy and sometimes even brings joy to the owner of the watch.

Watches Cleaning Kit

Regardless of how carefully you take care of your watches in your daily wear, they are still susceptible to dirt or maybe tarnish over time. Caring and cleaning your watch regularly will prevent damage or permanent discoloration from happening.

Of course, it is best to take your watch to a reputable service center – where they have the most advanced machines dedicated to watch maintenance. However, you can also take care of your favorite watch at home by yourself with the cleaning kit. These tasks is not so challenging, can be interesting on the other hand, and somehow make you understand more about your watch, to see the meticulous in the design of the watch and how things work together. Just a clean cloth, specialized cleaning liquid and five minutes later, you have a watch like new.

Watch Accessories - Watches Cleaning Kit The Watch Care Company
Watches Cleaning Kit from The Watch Care Company

There are some notes when cleaning your watch that you will need to keep in mind: Firstly, always make sure the crown is closed when exposed to water and secondly, always be careful when cleaning the watch to avoid scratching.

The Watch Winder

If you’ve ever seen the movie Doctor Strange part 1 and are a huge fan of the watch collection with a series of the masterpieces appearing in the main character’s watch cabinet (of course, the most prominent one is still the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual). Surely you will be extremely surprised when the glass cabinet is designed with specialized boxes and 360 degrees rotation.

Watch Accessories - Watch Winder from Watch Box Co
Watch Winder from Watch Box Co

In fact, this is a special design of the watch winder, a must-have accessory for collectors. When you own a certain number of watches, it is almost impossible to wind or wear all of them on a regular basis to prevent the watches from stop working. Therefore, the purpose of owning a watch winder is to keep the treasures of time from condensing which can lead to rust or dryness affecting the movement inside the watch. Besides, the luxurious beauty used to decorate in the office is a huge plus for any collector who has the pleasure of looking at their masterpieces presenting through glasses instead of seeing them all on your arm.

Watch Leather Box (Travel Case)

Owning a leather watch case or a watch box as a keeper to protect your watches when you are not wearing them on the wrist is a vital thing, especially when you are a person who likes to move and often travel for work.

Hoa Sa’s specialized leather boxes or leather cases will ensure the watch is preserved in the best conditions, avoiding collisions or scratching with your other personal items (including sharp objects that are often stored with copper such as keys, rings, jewelry, and pearls on clothes are easy to scratch your favorite watch).

Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Travel Watch Case
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Travel Watch Case
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Travel Watch Case 2
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Travel Watch Case

Spare Watch Strap Sets

Have you ever felt bored with the watch on your wrist when you are having only one or two watches? At such times, the advice is given that: it is time to change a bit to create a new inspiration on your wrist.

Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Watch Straps
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Watch Straps

Oh, wait a minute, we mean let change the strap on your wrist, not the watch. Changing to a completely new set of straps is like getting your watch a brand-new outfit, this will bring a complete-new-vibe to you and your watch. Not to mention, the price for a new leather pair of watch strap will be cheaper than that for an intention of buying a new watch.

If you own a military-sport watch with a nato strap or canvas strap, why don’t you try the leather strap with the style of classic but still fashionable? And if you are too tired of always having to keep a neat image at work with a luxurious classic black alligator leather strap, then relax and put on a watch with a pair of colorful cowhide or maybe a bold, dusty suede straps.

Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Watch Straps
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Suede Straps

Besides, choosing a watch strap is quite similar to choosing a pair of shoes that are suitable for your daily work. Watch straps should also match your lifestyle as well as your fashion sense. Let’s come to Hoa Sa to refresh your watch today.

Specialized Acoustic Measurement Device

An Acoustic Measurement Device is not unfmiliar accessory for any watch lover. But you do not have to be a skilled craftsman to own and use it. A Specialized Acoustic Measurement Device will help you quickly check the error of your watch, or whether your watch has any problems in the operation of the movement.

Regular watch monitoring will give you the most intuitive view of the watch’s condition; Thereby avoiding the consequences of not detecting problems in time to maintain the watch. For example, the watch running slow, inaccuracy in the timing, dating system, standard error is larger than usual, not measuring the frequency of oscillations, etc. are some of the signs to tell you that it is time for you and your companion to get the special care from the professional.

Specialized Acoustic Measurement Device
Specialized Acoustic Measurement Device


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