The use of animal skins to make watch straps has been around for more than a hundred years since the first wristwatch was invented. The fact has also shown that the leather watch strap was one of the first methods to bring the history of watches from pocket to wristwatch as it is today. However, with so many choices on the market today, is alligator leather a smart choice? The answer has always been and always be yes, and they are now wanting to go back to the most classic option – a complete handmade alligator leather strap. Let’s find out with Hoa Sa why Alligator watch strap is considered to be one of the best choice for any collector.


Alligator Straps’ Special Features

Alligator Watch Straps are made from genuine Alligator’s skin pieces. This is one of bespoke types of leather that are highly regarded for both durability and aesthetics, making them an ideal material for watch straps. With the original characteristics of light elasticity of genuine leather, Alligator can be easily adjusted to fit an individual’s wrist. In addition, the Alligator rarely cause skin irritation when used, and this should be one vital aspect to take into consideration when choosing a watch strap for yourself. Besides, their waterproof and easy-to-clean properties make them one of the most durable materials among the selected leather types for watch straps.

Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Straps
Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Straps

The Alligator is often featured on high-end products such as wallets, belts, and bags as a symbol of classic elegance and sophistication. In addition, Alligator leather watch straps are also a popular choice that is usually reserved for watches from high-end brands. If you are looking for a strap that is both durable and quality, but also gives a sense of power and status when placing on your wrist, this will definitely be a product that should not be missed.

How are Alligator watch straps made?

Normally, after being harvested from livestock farms, pieces of Alligator skin will go through several processes before reaching consumers.

Tanning: This is the first stage after harvesting, pieces of Alligator skin will be tanned to preserve and amend the durability, diminishing the ability to be decomposed in the natural environment. This process involves treating the pieces of leather with chemicals to remove impurities as well as soften the skin and enhance the characteristics such as durability and water resistance.

Formed cutting: After the leather is tanned, those pieces will be taken out to cut according to the molds and sizes suitable for the product. Depending on the production output, there will be different cutting methods, which can be cut by machine or by hand.

Stitching: This is the stage when pieces of leather are sewn together with manual techniques that have been inherited through generations. Especially for watch straps, the handcrafted stitching will play an important role to intensify the endurance with more aesthetically pleasing than mass production.

Finishing: This is the final step before the watch straps are fitted with the watch cases. After being shaped with the brush stitching, the Alligator watch straps will be polished and finished with a paint on the edges to give a certain polishing look.

Hoa Sa Artisans Making the Watch Straps
Hoa Sa Artisans Making the Watch Straps

Please note that these are only some of the most basic steps in the production of a set of alligator leather watch strap, some more steps can be added depending on the model and individual requirements of specific leather watch strap.


Advantages and disadvantages of using Alligator watch straps



Advantages of Alligator Leather Watch Strap



The use of genuine Alligator leather watch straps is a well affirmation of the status of a man. In addition, the alligator leather strap is an accessory with enhacing ability the elegance and sophistication of the watch – something that other popular leather materials such as cowhide or ostrich leather cannot offer. Besides, each set of Alligator piece of leather has unique textures that gives the speciality of each Alligator watch strap, especially with those which are handmade.

Hoa Sa Alligator Watch Straps in Green
Hoa Sa Alligator Watch Straps in Green

Comfortable to wear on the wrist

With the characteristics of durability, soft and elasticity, when wearing the Alligator watch strap, even for a long time, you may not feel any entanglement or discomfort. Instead, the alligator leather strap provides a snug yet comfortability, with lower chance to make you feel a bit stifling as rubber bands do or itchy, skin irritation like poor quality or fake leather straps.

Hoa Sa Feedback from Customer
Hoa Sa Feedback from Customer


Alligator watch straps have always been famous for their lasting throughout the time. On average, the lifetime of a set of alligator leather straps could be two to three times longer than that of other leather lines such as cowhide or calfskin. Besides, the ability to absorb sweat is welldone and the water resistance level to a certain extent is an extra credit for this material that cannot be ignored.

Dark Green Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Strap

Disadvantages of crocodile leather straps

High price

Perhaps this is one of noticeable issues when considering a purchase decision on the Alligator’s product, the material itself truly gets one’s money’s worth. When you decide to spend a fortune on any product, you will want to receive quality for that amount and the alligator leather strap will definitely be worth every penny you spend.

Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Strap
Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Straps

Counterfeits are all over the market

The counterfeits that can be easily caught in the market really causes consumers to have a headache, even you got into a store, it can not be 100% sure that you will not be “fooled” with a phoney alligator product. If you are not an experienced consumers with a good knowledge in leather, it would be hard for you to distinguish and make sure which one is the real one in the sea of leather products in the market today.

How long does an Alligator watch strap last for?

The answer would be – it depends. The durability of any product including alligator leather straps will also be determined by many surrounding factors, such as the quality of the input materials, the way you use and maintain them daily or the using frequency will also affect the lifetime of your watchstrap. Even a cheap leather watch strap can last for many years once it is proper cared (stored in a cool, dry, and low-humidity environment, not exposed to water, or heat, etc). On the contrary, even a set of the bespoke alligator leather straps, when exposed to too much sweat and moisture, or simply not cleaned properly, will easily break.

Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Straps
Hoa Sa Handmade Alligator Watch Straps

The lasting of an Alligator watch strap will not be long if you use it for the wrong purpose, for example, participating in sports activities that cause sweat to quickly seep into the watch strap or wear it on for too long without regular maintenance. Keeping the strap clean and dry and polishing it with spcialized cream regularly will help it stay in good condition and look like new. With proper maintenance, alligator leather watch straps will have a lifespan of about two to three years or even longer if they are cared for with meticulousity and proper methods.


The market always has a lot of choices for watch straps, but it will be hard to ignore the most searching-for and consumer’s choice – alligator leather watch strap. If you are looking for a set of leather watch straps that meet both the needs of good quality, durability as well as high aesthetics to enhance the watch on your wrist, the watch strap that made from Alligator will definitely be a choice that should not be missed.



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