Top 5 Watch Box For Your Mechanical Watches

No matter how many watches you own, whether there is one of the Seiko or Orient from Japan or others million-dollar collection from Patek Phillipe, Rolex, etc.; Your watches always deserves meticulous care and proper storage when they are not on your wrist. We are talking about a safe place to keep the watches that will always be protected, avoiding mixing, and crashing with others jewelry inside your bag leading to scratches. Watch boxes or watch cases are always one of top choices in terms of both design and quality.

travel-watch-box (9)
Hoa Sa Handmade Leather Watch Box

It is vital to store your expensive watches in a watch box or travel watch case as it contributes to preserve the longevity and appearance of the watch as new. However, with numerous options and tons of products on the market, it can be difficult to know which one will be an appropriate. In this article, Hoa Sa will suggest you 5 best watch box model that you can take into consideration to own some.

Top 5 watch box including:

♦ Single Watch Box

♦ Single Leather Watch Case

♦ Leather Watch Roll

♦ 8-piece Watch Box

♦ Mechanical Watch Winder


Single watch box

The single watch box is the most ideal accessory to store your watch or take it with you while traveling. At Hoa Sa, they are made from bespoke leather such as Epsom or Alligator will enhance the classic and sophisticated beauty, the inner face is lined with a soft suede layer that helps the watch to be protected in the best condition from unnecessary bumps or scratches, the watch will be placed on a removable pillow inside the case that can be easily detatched.

This single watch box is not only an indoor decoration option, but also perfect for travel. With a travel compact size, lightweight design makes it easy to pack into a suitcase or handbag while still being assured that your watch will not be scratched by sharp objects such as keys, jewelry, and pearls on your jacket. This will be an ideal choice for you if you have a busy schedule for work trips or you are just interested in travelling.

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Hoa Sa Handmade Cowhide Leather Single Watch Box

Single watch leather case

Just like the single watch box, the single watch case is also designed to hold a single watch, but with a more youthful, dynamic, and compact design. If the single leather watch box is elaborately designed to enhance the beauty of the watches, the single watch case is more about its own features. With a much more compact design, focusing entirely on practicality to protect the watch on the go, you can put your watch in the leather case and put it in your jacket pocket without worrying about anything. Or simply, if you want to bring a watch to refresh your wrist after your lunch break, put a leather single watch case in your briefcase. Hoa Sa is sure that they will not take up too much space.

Travel Watch Case
Single Travel Watch Case. Source: IFL Watches

Leather watch roll

What if you need to take care of three watches? Let Hoa Sa recommend to you this amazing product.

Hoa Sa’s leather watch roll is designed to have enough space for 3 watches but is still compact and secure. The watch roll is made by skillful Vietnamese craftsmen, from imported suede with coil buckle, retaining the classic look and the inside is still a soft suede layer that helps the watches to be protected from scratches from others.

Hoa Sa Handmade Suede Watch Roll
Hoa Sa Handmade Suede Watch Roll

This will be a more suitable choice for those who like to bring more than just a watch with them for trips and long flights between countries or just sometimes simply for coffee or reunion with their relatives and friends to show them your collections. With its travelling design, you just need to put your three watches neatly inside, then roll it up and store it in your backpack or suitcase. Wherever it is, the watch roll will not take up too much space like other box designs. Besides, the classic feature on the product is a plus point for those who own themselves a love for leather goods. It can be said that this product will be an interesting accessory adding to your leather collection besides leather watch straps, leather notebooks or leather tote bags.

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Hoa Sa Handmade Suede Watch Roll

8-piece watch box

Up to 8 pieces of precious watches and you want to keep all those watches in one place while still ensuring aesthetics and safety? You will need something to display your favorite collection then a 8 piece watch box will definitely be the perfect solution.

Wolf's 8 Pieces Watch Box. Source: Obsessed By Watches
Wolf’s 8 Pieces Watch Box. Source: Obsessed By Watches

Designed like a luxury leather briefcase for watch enthusiasts. Not only for storing and preserving watches, but this case can also be opened like a regular briefcase allowing the owner to display his entire collection. Besides the delicate beauty, this product still ensures the most important element of a watch case, which is safety. In the box, there will be 8 separate compartments for 8 watches that are placed neatly and firmly to ensure that they are not impacted during transportation. This will be a choice not to be missed to highlight the elegance of a watch collection.

Mechanical watch winder

If you are tired of displaying your watch collection in a stable box, or you do not have enough time to wind up each watch. Then you should keep an eye on the mechanical watch dial – a watch winder.

Watch Winder. Source: Gear
Mechanical Watch Winder. Source: Gear

Not only has the function of winding mechanical watches, but the watch winder is also designed in a beautiful and luxurious way to be a private stage to display the masterpieces of time when they are not on your wrist. Mechanical watch winder comes in a variety of sizes for different collectors, there are single or double boxes or even dedicated to hold 6 or 8 watches at once.


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