Bespoke leather watch strap for Gérald Genta. Beautiful watch

Bespoke leather watch strap for Gérald Genta Octagonal. Rare special Carbon fibre mother-of-pearl dial.

The feeling is indescribable when we receive trust and a request to bespoke leather watch strap for a customer. A watch with typical ADN from watch legend Gérald Genta. Thank you Mr. H. K for giving us the opportunity to experience and try your hand at making this very special set of leather straps.


Different from conventional wire types, including 1 padding block or no padding. On the strap of this watch, there are 3 high domed cushion blocks, very unique, requiring the leather strap artisan to be very skillful, focused, and patient when crafting. It takes a lot of time to make 3 cushions. The stitching is done meticulously by hand.
For this type of buckle, the size of the leather strap must be almost absolutely exact to the wearer’s wrist. The leather watch strap ends are fixed with 4 screws. The edge of the strap is made by an artist who folds the leather inside. This helps improve the aesthetics of the leather watch strap.

bespoke leather watch strap hoa sa 1

leather watch straps 1



With precise control over the length of the two leather strap, the lock operates in the most balanced position. The wearer is completely comfortable.
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A masterpiece of 1990s design.

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