Each watch has its own size and not all watch straps can fit your watch. A watch band of the right size will look the best on your watch and last longer in compare with a bigger or smaller one. Here by, Hoa Sa will show you how to choose the best size strap for your watch.

You will need a measurement which include the unit of millimeter. A ruler or a tapeline are both good but we suggest to use a ruler due to its hard texture will help you to measure the watch more correct. You will need to measure two assizes/measurements, one for the watch case and the other for the buckle.

Please check following picture to have better understand of how to measure

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT WATCH STRAP. Check out these leather watch straps now: Handcrafted leather watch straps

Hoa Sa provides customers with detailed information on size and length of Long end / Short end of the strap on each products. We hope this instruction will help you to choose a perfect size for your watch. If you have any further requirements of unsures, please don’t hesitate contacting Hoa Sa at our Chatbox, Instagram or WhatsApp+ numbers (+84) 91 5555 932 (Mr. Ha Loi) or (+84) 859817515 (Mr. Huy Nguyen), we would be delighted to support you!